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Don’t let your dryer catch on fire. Do you know when the last time you had a dryer vent cleaning was? A blocked dryer vent is brought about by build up from your garments that develop after some time in your dryer vent bringing about lessened wind stream. This causes the dryer to take longer to dry garments, your vitality bill to go up, ($10 - $25 or more every month depending on how obstructed the vent is) and above all makes the dryer over warmth. What's more, cause a fire.

Did you know that an obstructed dryer vent is the #1 fire danger in the home, creating 20,000 or more (revealed) flames each year? The most ideal approach to keep this fire danger is to have your dryer vent cleaned and assessed each year, as prescribed by flame offices also, insurance agencies. Let us come to your home a provide you with a safe and quick dryer vent cleaning using the most advanced methods. You will be sure to notice a difference in your clothes drying faster.

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Some signs of a clogged up dryer vent needing cleaning are:

- Dryer is hot yet not drying the garments

- Dryer will keep running for a considerable length of time till garments are dry

- Clothes smell smelly or mildew covered after a cycle

- Have to run dryer a few circumstances to get garments dry

- Clothes are moist or wet after the dryer completes a cycle

- Dryer gets excessively (hot, making it impossible to the touch on top)

- Burning smell in dryer - Dryer stop mid cycle

- Lint within the dryer entryway

- Lint gathers on both sided of the build up screen

- No build up gathers on the build up screen by any stretch of the imagination

- AF or check vent light goes ahead amid a cycle

- Moisture within the dryer entryway

- Water dribbling from dryer vent

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